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Cool Dog Don't Care

In Cool Dog Don't Care, there's a dog. He's wearing sunglasses, and riding a motorcycle in the desert. Why? Who cares! He certainly doesn't. He's just going to drive his motorcycle forward. He's going to fall off or hit something if you don't shift the world around him. You have to tap on the world tiles and drag them into his path!


You earn points for how far Cool Dog gets. The further he goes, the more points. Pretty simple! There are also 3 types of bones. If he picks up 2 or more of the same type of bone in a row, you get extra points! There are also really thin platforms. If Cool Dog rides over those, you also get extra bonus points!




  • Cool Dog
  • Who Don't Care
  • Riding a Motorcycle
  • Infinite Gameplay
  • Leaderboards
  • Achievements
  • Old School Arcadey fun!
  • Secret Levels!